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People Of New Jersey
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Hi, This Is a community for The People Of NewJersey to discuss their Favorite Band, Their Own band, School issues, Hobbies, Religion, anything they want.

we will try our best to help others out.

1-No anonymous posts.
2-No harassment of any kind.
3-All pictures containing nudity must be posted behind LJ Cuts.
4-Rude behavior will not be tolerated. Members are asked to keep an open mind.
5-When posting pictures, please keep large/multiple pictures underneath cut tags.
6-No flaming and/or trolling.
7-13 and older, please. If you're under 13, do NOT advertise your age or you'll find yourself being removed from this community.
8-Be tolerant. Understand that not everyone believes in the same thing or follows the same spiritual path.
9-Be civilized and use common sense.
10-you'll get one warning. after that, i'll just revoke your posting privellages until you learn to follow rules.

that's pretty much it I guess...

Your maintainer and moderator is Dee If you have questions or concerns, please contact her at Hoda_Emam@hotmail.com

Thank you, enjoy your stay!
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